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A complete full-team, full-cycle and full-stack guide to help you and your team increase the speed at which you deliver software while simultaneously increasing quality.
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What is it?

The ultimate learning guide


Full-cycle learning

Watch a group of experts build a product from scratch throughout the entire product development lifecycle. From discovery to design, and from testing to deployment.
Knowledge base

Iterative learning

Written in an intuitive format that starts from the fundamentals of software delivery and digs deep into every aspect. Easy to navigate and accessible, both online and offline.
Artifact repository

Exemplified learning

See artifacts from every step in the process including user flow diagrams, wire-frames, architecture diagrams, test-driven code, exploratory testing plans and analytics reports.

Who is it for?

For teams that love improving

Product managers & designers

When creating valuable products and services, the definition and design phases are the first opportunity to set a foundation of quality and speed. More than 50% of defects are introduced before coding even starts! You can put a significant dent in this statistic when you apply the right techniques ahead of the development cycle.
  • Use the discovery process to create a shared understanding and reduce pre-development defects
  • Create wire-frames that communicate both the visual and behavioural intentions of your designs
  • Write product specifications that are long-lived and that allow you to manage complexity over time
Product manager and designer


Writing software that can stand the test of time is hard. This is because complexity often translates into technical debt, but it doesn't have to. By understanding and applying principles such as the separation of concerns and the single responsibility principle, you can write high quality software at speed that is built to last.
  • Become versed in writing clean, testable code and fast, reliable, automated tests
  • Learn timeless best practices on the front-end, back-end, and end-to-end
  • Tame the complexity that results from inevitable changes to software over time


Instead of doing regression testing at the end of the line, testers can play a very important role across the entire product development lifecycle. By learning techniques that make you effective and allow you to contribute in all aspects of delivery, you can create a positive impact on the overall quality of the product, the system, and the process.
  • Employ exploratory testing techniques that go beyond traditional verification testing approaches
  • Practice shift-left testing to apply quality much earlier in the process
  • Play a vital and active part in your team's test automation strategy

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An internationally known expert in software quality and continuous improvement

Sam Hatoum

Sam Hatoum

Sam is known internationally as one of the foremost experts in software quality, test automation, and holistic software delivery. Sam is the founder of Xolv.io and has led software delivery and agile transformations for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Audi, BBC, Nike, Sky, Volkswagen and many more.

Sam has been programming since he was 8 and continues to be hands-on as the author of Chimp.js, a popular open-source acceptance testing framework.

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